Boyfriend liking other girl's pictures?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost two years now. My boyfriend claims he is loyal (hes done lots to prove his loyalty) Plus he's been cheated on in ALL his relationships why would he do that to me. im his first ever loyal girlfriend. I noticed in the beginning of our relationship he would "like" other girls selfies but i would brush it off hoping he would stop since he has me. The selfies he alwyas likes are fully clothed girls who put on a simple smile and those girls are old friends he knew from highschool. But it still bothers me when he likes their selfies to me its like going to a party and saying a girl looks good infront of me. The other day i kinda lost my temper when saw on my feed of all the photos he liked. that day i finally had it and i had to confront him. Now we got into this huge fight and i called him disloyal. To me, loyalty is no just about avoiding sexual contact or flirting when your in a relationship but also to consider your partners feelings. If you really cared about your partner Its not so hard to stop liking photos :/ Is it okay for a guy who is in a relationship/married to "like" other women's selfies? why do men do this? what is the meaning of this does it mean he wants to be with her? DO i have a right to be upset? I honestly feel like im in a competetion between the girls in the selfies he likes on fb. My boyfriend says im the top and that there is no cometetion at all but when he likes other girls photos i feel like there is :/



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  • You are so insecure, it's just a picture for goodness sakes.
    What's next he can't have any female friends?

    • Some females can be pretty slimy thats why

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    • Thanks for your thought. I know i have a problem and im working real hard to get rid of insecurities and jealousies that i have (its taking some time but im really trying) I believe i made a slight improvement with my current boyfriend in compared to other boyfriends but (jealousy is still there thought). If your girlfriend told you to stop liking pics would it annoy you too? Im asking because I want a healthy realtionship i dont want to be one of those annoying gfs who make a big deal over everything. Sometimes i just need a stranger to call me out if im making a big deal.

    • I'd hope my girlfriend would trust that I'd always be faithful to her and that what happens in social media does not affect my relationship.

      In my opinion, yes you're overreacting.

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