Guys, Even if you want to be independent?

guy in this century and dont like to be tied down to a relationship and enjoy your freedom a lot. Does that mean you dont like to date girls for a time, hang out with them and spend time with women, becaue you may be afraid you will fall in love and then love comes to possible committments and therefore marraige and you are not into that.

I have found some men are like that they may reject or turn down a lady because they believe they are not ready to a committment even if they lady just want to spend time with them hang out date being a girlfriend like most people but that does not mean they will marry, only time and future can tell that.

What is your take?


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  • I liked to think that when I was single, did not want to commit.
    but then I found someone, and started to realize the importance of a women in my life. relationship comes with commitments but if you actually accepts those commitments , you would be surprised how much you grow in a short amount of time.