Is he not that inerested in her?

I have a crush on my guy friend but I've never had the balls to tell him. before he got this new girlfriend who he doesn't really seem that into but that could just be how I view things. He would always flirt with me constantly I thought he was just doing it to do it. Nope turns out he did like me. I guess I just didn't act interested. Is there a possibly he still goes like me? I mean I've liked him for almost 3 years. I was just scared to tell him at the time when he was flirting with me talking to me almost everyday. But lately I've noticed he really hasn't been handing out with her a lot as he was before. He never really posts anything about her or rarely ever talks about her. Also she is the one that overly posts about him. I've noticed he never comments or like the pictures on Facebook. I kinda get a feeling he's not that into her as he was when they first started dating. Because with his past exes he'd always post some status about her or a picture of them. With this new girl not so much. Is there a possibly he would still feel the same about me that he did months ago?


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  • Why are you asking anonymous strangers? You should ask him.

    • Why when he has a girlfriend? Not worth it lol mAybe after the fact

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    • When he has a girlfriend

    • Then forget him and move on.

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  • It doesn't matter. He is with her now. Why are people so eager to break other people's relationships? I don't understand...

    • Wait I never said I would ever break them up? thats something I'd never do to someone. I was just wondering. It kinda does matter to me if he did like me in that kinda way. I've liked him for a long time. I guess I should just ask him and stead of asking strangers for their opinions.

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