Guy hasn't text me since our first date?

So I went out with this guy over the weekend. He told me he would love to see me again. I told him I had a great time. He hasn't texted me since. Should I text him? Or do guys just say they would love to see you again and not really mean it?

Should text him or no!
Do you think he could be expecting me to text him?


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  • Um.

    It can be hard to tell someone that he’s not feeling it directly through a phone call. So perhaps, to avoid hurting your feelings he just decided to not call you back. It’s probably likely that something like this is happening.

    Other than that, I'd recommend you not to text him first. Men like to work for what they want; the harder he has to work to get you, the more valuable you will be to him.

    When you message him first, he does not have this opportunity, therefore you will be investing in him before he has decided to invest in you. Just remember, if you do text him first you will make the game easy and he will not value you as much.



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  • text first to see wagwarn innit... if he doesn't respond favourably, allow it

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