How can I tell if he's leading me on or actually does like me?

i dont know how to really start. me and this guy in work have been really good mates for like 8 months now.
should really say he does have a girlfriend.
but im confused with the signals he is giving me as i haven't ever been in a proper relationship.
recently in this last month we have been getting closer, like play fighting, talking about anything and everything, some work related, some about his girlfriend, some about me, he knows everything about me from my really bad past (which explains why i haven't been in a relationship) and my fears which he has been helping me get over. we have been out twice as a group from work. and the first time was the day after an accidental touch of a private area while messing about. that night we went out i drank and it went to my head i ended up running my foot up his leg and rubbing him! i didn't even remember till he told me the other night.
Sunday he did something he kept threatening which was to pick me up. (never have been was scaring me) then that evening before i finished work i knew he was in the warehouse and needed to say my goodbyes before he goes on overnighters for a month. and i asked him for a hug. i swear it was the most loving hug i have ever felt. normally its a quick two second polite hug over the shoulders cause im short. this was a full close up under the arms down my level and so so sweet after a while he let go and walked round shook it off and said anddd break! i think he felt the same spark as me but i don't know or understand whats going on, i should add he knows i like him more then a friend cause he teases me about it all the time...
so yeah any advise or wisdom, would be a massive help!
im nearly 21 and had a sheltered life im rusty not a teenager x


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  • Two reasons to not pursue anything of than friendship with this guy: he HAS A GIRLFRIEND and he's your coworker.

    This guy is totally off limits. If he starts acting like more than a friend tell him to stop.