Am I getting used by him?

So I've started seeing this guy... We just kept in touch for about 2-3 weeks and he talked to me everyday. Then he finally asked me on a date. The date went great so we set up another date for the following week. That date went great as well. me and this guy really clicked and it feels like we've known each other for years.
on the first date we did have sex and on the 2nd date as well. We kept in touch after the 1st date. But after the 2nd date we talked for a couple days after then he just stopped all communication with me!

He didn't text, Facebook or call me for 2 weeks. I tried to text him but only got a basic one word response. After those 2 weeks he finally contacted me to set up another date. Although I was hesitant I agreed and honestly it felt like we never stopped talking. He just told me how I deserved the best and how I deserved to be pampered etc and how he wanted to make everything up to me.

Now it's been almost 4 days after the date and I haven't heard anything from him. It's like a repeat of last time!

This is so weird to me because we have such a great time together, he brags about how I'm so different from other girls he has dated. But yet he is not consistent with his communication whatsoever.

Do you think he's using me? For sex, good conversations, just so he can go on a date, etc?

Other than this bad communication he seems like this great guy


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  • It sounds like you're the one he gets ahold of when he doesn't have plans and wants sex.