Girls, I over heard a girl say I have potential and she is my friend?

I over heard a friend of myn say I have potential what should I do? I kinda like her but then I heard this now I dunno how to act around her becuase of what I heard girls what could this mean?


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  • don't just dive in the deep end here... she just said 'potential' which doesn't necessarily mean she likes you... just try flirting with her first and see how she takes it, then go from there

    • Yeah true tbh we are always flirting like mad anyway just when I over heard that I was stunned lol

    • ah well if she's flirting, its a good sign... but potential still doesn't mean she likes you... just carry on what you're doing, maybe ask her on a date but don't say it's a date, just see how she acts and how things go