Girls, Girl that still has feelings for her ex?

I dated this girl for a short period of time. Everything was going great until i started joking around and didn't take the dating thing seriously. I made some dumb comments. We eventually broke it off. The question is she openly admitted that she still follows her ex on Instagram. She's been physically abused from her ex for around 4 years. She even liked his pics when we were dating for like 3 weeks. Also has of recently, she's liked his pics. I'm just curious, does she still have feelings towards her ex.


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  • I've been raped, stalkes, and emotionally abused. My ex still has a hold on me even though I'd NEVER go back to him. I sometimes get near stalker like because I don't want to be caught off guard running into him. And, I never got my answers. I still don't know "why". Why did he do this to me, why did he change, why did he suddenly stop caring about me, and most important why me? Its crippling. The answers of course are very blunt and simple: he wanted control and then he got bored once he had it. But that isn't enough for a once normal abuse victim who has been warped and conditioned to accept abuse as normal and even loving behaviour.

    • thanks for expressing your thoughts. I could never physically abuse a girl for my self-interest. That's really cowardly for him to do that. I hope you can move on and find another guy that will love you and protect you.

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    • We've been together about 2 years he was gone about 6 months.

    • wow thats beautiful. he really cares about you. For a guy to embrace you like that. He shows he really loves you. Keep your head up. you'll be ok!

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