Where do I stand in this?

so we used to like each other, and so we went on a date. the date went good, but i didn't kiss her i wanted to take it slow. then i found out she was mad i didn't kiss her, so i tried to be a bit more aggresive getting her to go out with me so this time i could kiss her, then she got mad i was being to pushy that we were just friends so we got into this big fight. now we don't even really talk, i see her once in a while, she goes out of her way to avoid me, but i act like its okay and it seems to piss her off. i have apologized more times then i should to her, for something that isn't even my fault, yet she's still mad at me and says she never wants to talk to me again. every time i do see or talk to her, her friend tells me she throws a fit. i know she still likes me, yet she's always crying about how horrible i am her friend told me. I'm not really sure even what i all did other then the fighting (which is both of us) and the me not kissing her. i still like her, and i wish we could work this out. i've tried, and now that i'm done trying, she seems to be responding more... so i don't know. i feel like a chance at a relationship is gone, but i almost feel like we just both want to makeout with each other (which she hinted to in the begining before we started fighting anyway) just not sure since we haven't even kissed yet and we just seem to fight if it's ever going to happen and mosty how?


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  • Back away. Back away fast, because she's crazy. You're not going to be able to keep her happy because she sounds like someone who thrives on drama. Don't waste your time on her, it's not worth it.


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  • If you want this to progress, given her friends are telling you that she's just acting outllmeans she's into you still and wants you to finish what you started... I know it sounds corny as fuck bro don't judge me lol

    Brb... doing this shit at work...😂😂😂😂

    • Get her friends to help you to meet up with her. Her friends likes you enough for her as is so they'll be happy if you let them into your plan.

      When you finally meet up, grab (gently, but firm) and wrap yourself around her, so she doesn't get away. Kiss her. Passionately! Tell her she was always been on your mind and that this would've have happened because you wanted to take thinks slow, but want to be with her. Deep down she'll love your attempts, but she'll crumble so don't light up. Let her know that... I'll leave how you going to say or do up to you. Kiss her again.

      Oh you can let go of her after you've kissed her the first time. Now you left the ball in her court.

      Remember if your eyes is still dead set on her and this shit didn't go as plan, there's always Valentine's, use that to your advantage bro.

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    • lol well glad to hear that shit 2 weeks ago is starting to smooth over.

      The way you described her approach seems a bit toxic, wouldn't you agree. The minute she "thinks" you moved on, she'll try to do something to grab your attention and when that mood is satisfied, back to ignoring you? What the heck? lol bro, but hey that's up to you. Personally, when it turns out that it becomes like an accordion that's my queue to just leave it alone because who knows the other mind games we be playing down that road if we end up together.

      At least this time though, you starting from scratch again. This time bro, when you guys finish up the date, fucking kiss her and don't wait. Like give her a heavy make out session that makes her panty wet.

    • lol yeah... i mean i don't really trust her anymore, but well see. but yeah, i feel like at this point if we ever do end up as anything, all we will do is fight and play games with each other. I don't know, i still like her, but i'm done with her shit.

      i'll try it one more time like i said start over clean and forget about the past (hopefully she won't bring it up) and see how or where it goes.. if anywhere i guess.

  • Don't do this.

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