Would a Hooters girl date an engineer?

There's this hawwwt girl at Hooters omg... Do you think a Hooters girl would go with an engineer? lol


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  • Yes. Lol I've worked at hooters and we honestly couldn't care less about your occupation. But a lot of girls that work there are shallow when it comes to looks and have big egos because they are complimented non stop at work. Also don't be one of those douchebags that use a cheesy pickup line. Seriously, we make fun of you after you leave when you do that. Just be cool about it, if she finds you attractive she'll go for it. If not then, she'll be polite and take your number but you'll never hear from her.

    • I don't know, this girl smiled at me like 3 times! -- even though she's basically paid to! lol

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    • Ahh, still we are told to smile at anyone we make eye contact with. Go up to her next time. That's the only way you'll know.

    • Hmmm... makes sense, makes sense. Welp, this just got a whole lot tougher. lol

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  • I don't know. Ask her if she's interested in an engineer.


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  • i think the real question is why an engineer would date a hooters girl.

    • Cuz she might be cool. A few of them might be airheads but that doesn't mean they all are!

    • did i say they all are? it's quite obvious though that this engineer is primarily interested in appearance.

    • Not entirely! Looking good helps though.

  • Why not?

    • I dunno? Why not? That's what I say lol

    • Yeah, she most likely would. I don't know many engineers that would want to date a hooters girl tbh.

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