Why is my ex boyfriend still dating me, tells me he still wants to be with me but suggest me to be open to date others?

He broke up with me but never stopped contacting me, He volunteer to do stuff for me and still takes me out on dates.

He has commitment issue and we said we want to be with each other. I said something has to be changed. He volunteer to purchase a self help book for commitment issue.

He is going through the book very slowly but now he realize he is emotionally unstable and he is not ready for relationship.

He said he is not sure how long would that take him to be ready, he said I should be open to other guys, I asked what abotu you? you dating other girls? he said no now, but if someone gets along comes along he will be open to a few dates, He will be up front that he is not ready for relationship.

We are not having sex, so he is not using me for sex


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  • He is uncertain of what he wants, or he is testing you.

    • He is emotionally unstable for sure. If he is testing me I'm a bit angry. He has no reason to test me.

      When you say test me you meant to test how much I love him? Or how much he can get away with things for selfish reason?

    • To see if you will start dating other people.

    • I don't think I gave him a straight yes or no. I only asked if he is already seeing others. He said not at the moment but h will be open to it and be up front he only want a few dates.

      I see that he added a girl 2 weeks ago. They've been liking each other stuff. If what he said is true he is not dating her yet.. But I suspect he might want to sleep with her a few times then ditch her

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