What is the most attractive height for a guy and a girl?

An ideal height is one which isn't too short or too tall. It stands to be just right. While attractiveness usually depends on how people carry themselves in whatever height they are, there is such a thing as a desirable or ideal height. Hence my question. The polls are the heights for men and women respectively.

  • 5'11 and 5'6
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  • 6'0 and 5'7
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  • 6'1 and 5'8
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  • 6'2 and 5'9
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  • Other. Comment.
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  • 5 10 5 9


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  • Tall girls are hot (5'7+), and if I were to choose my height I'd want to be 6'1 or 2


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  • Does it matter?

    • Of course it doesn't. Its a matter of preference.

    • Well I rather him be taller than me.

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