Are we friends with benefits?

I recently started "seeing" this guy who I've known for my past 4 years in college. We've never been very close or good friends necessarily, but we started hanging out and sleeping together for about 4 months now since we both graduated. He told me that he's had a big crush on me for years and he's happy that we're getting together, which I thought was really sweet, and I feel the same way about him. However, he's the worst communicator on the face of the earth. He will text me wanting to get together, I respond, and he takes forever to reply. Sometimes days. I feel absolutely silly that this bugs me, but why even text me? I sound like such an annoying girl saying that, but I just feel like there's a respectful way to communicate with people? Especially if you're sleeping with them. Am I being unreasonable? We've gone on "dates," to dinner, movies, art shows, etc. But I feel like his overall goal of hanging out with me is just getting some action and I have a feeling I might just be a booty call. We also see each other probably once a week, if not less, so I feel like I may not be the only girl he's spending time with. I should probably just be an adult and ask him about it, but I don't want to weird him out or anything. So, I guess my question is, we are just friends with benefits right?


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  • Yes, I know this is unfortunate but his actions say it all. If you really liked someone there is a level of respect. He is keeping there as a temp. You know, just like temp agencies that staff companies when their is a need for a temporary need on THEIR terms not yours.

    Block him on everything and DELETE his number. after a month it will become easier to not think about him. This clearly bothers you so why do you continue to deal with it?

    If you had a bra that gave you a rash would you continue to wear it every day when you have others to choose from? Yeah it's a bra but it hurts every time you have it on and when you take it off till the rash goes away. That's what this guy is, a fucking rash.


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