Why is my ex pretending to be someone else?

Last week I stared getting messages from an unknown number saying I love you still and want you and miss you.
then went on to say it was a guy Id met as a one night thing!
I had no idea who it was, and as Im dating someone I replied "sorry I have a bf". I thought maybe it was a wrong number.
The messgaes then got crazy saying does this guy know about me and you, and demanding to know who it is.
The messgages got really nasty saying how ugly I am and other things. When I woke up in the morning I had over 50 missed calls and messages. Some of these messages were pretty horrible saying that my boyfriend is cheating and that ik disgusting.
I realised it was my ex by a spelling mistake he used to make.
I said i know its you and the number blocked me.
The next day I get 5 missed calls from my exes number and a message saying did you call me? I didn't pick up or respond!
We haven't spoken in 7 weeks after I went NC.
I still love and care for him very much! Why has he done this?


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  • Pretending to be someone else. Hahaha what is a genuine identity? To be yourself is to be "someone". Just like to not be yourself is to be "someone".

    • Ha ha no 😂
      He said it was a guy I met on a night out. didn't tell me it was him untill i caught him out... The next day.
      Whys he doing this?

    • Ohhh. Wow so he was literally pretending to be someone else by adopting another phone number. Sorry I saw the title n just n was inspired to write about the fallacy of identity.

    • That's extactly what he did... It was a different number

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  • You did the right thing by not answering his problems are no longer your problems.

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