Girl keeps hurting my feelings after she knows I like her but she doesn't want me with anyone else and it hurts, what should I do?

There is a girl who I liked a lot and still do for whatever reason even though she tries to make me jealous and hurt my feelings. She played games with me and then insulted me after telling me she didn't like me like I was being creepy and stuff. Aside from that hurting a lot she now blows up my snapchat feed (doesnt send them to me) of her out having fun and being with guys. She never did this when I talked to her but now she's rubbing it in my face. I want to ignore it but it hurts really bad and for some dumb reason I still really like her because we had good times together. I never meet girls I like or meet girls in general so I thought it was a special thing. We talked on and off for a year and she said she used to like me but thought I didn't like her and moved on even though I did really like her. Anyways I'm trying to ignore her and move on because she told me to and I am just stuck. I dont want to delete her off snapchat because I still like her, even though it kills me to see her with other guys. I really do belive she still likes me but she is just too prideful to say so, but I could be wrong. Anyways what is the best thing to do? I really really really like her and my feelings haven't gone away.


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