Should it bother me?

Well, okay. My boyfriend and I have dated a little over 2 years and he wasn't a virgin when we met, and I was. After a year of dating I lost it to him. (sex is a huge deal to me, like to show that i love him a lot and etc.) anyway. every now and then it'll come up that he had sex with his ex, and I try to brush it off. But it really bothers me. Like the other day I was telling him how one of my friends was having sex while my other friends was in the same room, and I asked if he would ever do that, and he said he already had and then he went into detail.. I asked him how he would feel if I would not have waited for him and I was telling him stories and he said it would piss him off and he wouldn't like it. But its happened 3 times or so.. he said he never thinks about it. Which I mean, it was his past relationship and him and I are together now. So it shouldn't bother me, right?


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  • Sorry, you lost me. Who did what to whom? And why do you care?

    • My boyfriend had sex with an ex and has mentioned it. I saved myself for him. I care cause it's my boyfriend. Don't gotta be a dick

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    • Then tell him to STFU. And I read your post, I just didn't understand it. Are you like this with your boyfriend because it would piss me off real fast.

    • Thank goodness you aren't my boyfriend then. Guess we both piss each other off. :)

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  • It would bother me as well, especially since he is being an hypocrite by claiming that if you did the same he would be bothered. Did he apologize?

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