Would my she mind?

My girlfriend is a very simple girl.

This Valentines, and it's our first one together - we're going for a spa (yay!).
The problem isn't that - it's that we have a trip planned for the week after Valentines.

Now, I still don't have a good gift for Valentines. I wanted it to be special, I have thought of giving her a boquet of her favorite flowers - but alas, due to the planned trip, my budget is waaay to low and the flower is expensive.

As an alternative, I will get her a photo frame, with some of the sweetest and funniest moments we had. It can hold 5 pictures. I plan to get her some chocolates too, and ofcourse, a letter. :)

Do you think this is sweet enough? I know it's not about material things, but I still like to give her something to remember it by.

So update:

by the way, there is also a chance that her Ex would give her the flowers she wanted.

She hates it when he does this, but he's a persistent one and don't respect our bro-code.


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What Girls Said 1

  • The pictures are better than anything else!

    • You think so?

    • Yes absolutely! It's more unique and more thoughtful. The basic flowers and chocolate ate easy, finding something new is the challenge

What Guys Said 1

  • Pictures are the best, simple, sweet and mean something. Anyone can get someone flowers but not anyone has shared memories with someone that are captured :) She'll see them and her heart will melt :)