Is it unattractive when a guy is too emotional? Or shows emotion?

I'm not that an emotional a person I'm usually pretty cold but I got into a fight with my girlfriend cause she did something that hurt me and I showed that I was hurt by it. Is it a sign of weakness like will she look down on me for showing that kind of emotion, should men not be that emotional? I didn't cry or anything I just told her that what she did hurt.

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What Girls Said 1

  • No.
    If we hurt you please let us know we did.
    That way we can communicate better.
    Keep all your feeling bottled up inside will result in man explosion.
    Just keep balanced with your emotions though. Don't become as emotional as "me" because then there would be a real problem there lol.
    But even if you did I feel women would automatically go into "nurturing mother mode" and coo you.

    • Every girl is gunna say no but it is. Im always the one that gets hurt when i let my emotions out. The only way im able to keep a date or girlfriend is when i play aloof and not into her. As soon as i show my emotional side i get stabbed with it. girls suck end of story. the bigger ass hat you be the further you will get wiith women end of story

    • @Rufus335 maybe the women you are around are like that. I personally wouldn't mind but there is a certain way to respond to a man's emotional side.

What Guys Said 1

  • All human beings should not be judged for their emotions. That is utter bullshit!