If someone asked you to a public event and said this, what would you think?

They ask you to a public event and say "no one they know wants to go" thus implying it's just you two going together. What do you assume?


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  • I assume they used me as a last resort.

    • So you think they're using you as a back plan not asking you in a low key way to a date?

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    • So they invited me to a concert to an artist we both like, and said it will be really good and no one she knows wants to go

    • Two possibilities:
      Either she truly had no one to go with, so she didn't want to go alone
      She likes you and she used it as an excuse.

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  • they want to be with you and only you. if the feeling is mutual go for it , use this chance to kindle a future long lasting relationship

    • So you would assume it's their low key way of implying a date?

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    • Hmm so not using me as a back up plan?

    • you will never know untill after you go. and also try to have a good time

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