Does the silent treatment work in a fight?

When you get into a fight with your partner does the silent treatment make things better or worse in your opinion and experiences?

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  • B...
    Common sense. Being in a relationship with a child really isn't a dream come true...

    • I meant in terms of after the fight like my girlfriend texts me everyday like things are normal and I don't respond as much, little space isn't a bad thing no?

    • Space isn't the same as the silent treatment. If you ignore the texts that's silent treatment. If you ask for some space then it's creating some space... So she doesn't wonder what's going on... And isn't in doubt about the relationship.

    • Thank you =)

Most Helpful Guy

  • If you don't feel or think you are really going to be able to win the argument and that it is pretty much useless to argue and fight with someone then don't bother. If think and feel they will understand and listen to your side of the story and argument then keep arguing with them.

    Other wise, if the argument is all completely all one-sided where the other person such as your partner and that they would not be understanding, then you should just let her do the all talking and you do all the listening.

    It's waste of energy and effort if she insists that she is always in the right in the argument no matter what and if you and/or anyone clearly knew that she wasn't in the right to begin with such as before the arguments and disagreements had begun.


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  • Just fight it out. Much easier. The silent treatment is for little babies that don't know how to act. Be mature.


What Guys Said 2

  • It never works, just prolongs the fight

  • Women like to do this all the time, i don't think they realize just how immature it is.