My boyfriend did nothing for me for my birthday but is upset that I told him no about taking him to concert for his?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months, he didn't do anything for my birthday because he was broke but I didn't even get a card or 99 cent flower from the grocery store... I told him for his birthday that I would get tickets to go to the faster horses country concert, and just found out they are $464 total just for the tickets alone.. But I also bought him hunting bibs to open on his birthday. Today I told him I can't justify spending that much on tickets because of what my finances look like and now he's pissed at me! I don't want to bring up the fact that he didn't do anything for my birthday but I mean at least he still got something for his birthday


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  • Relationships should not be give and take.


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  • I would absolutely bring your birthday up to him. I would say: "Oh I'm sorry, spoiled little princess, but you did nothing for my birthday because your finances sucked, I let it go... I bought you something and can't afford the tickets on top of that because of my finances but that's unacceptable? Please explain, sir."

    Seriously I would give him a very cold piece of my mind.


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  • I think it's fair I mean you're not- not getting it for him because he didn't get anything for you, you just can't afford to take that big of a leap. I get it he may be disappointed but there's more to life than a concert, if he wanted to go he should pay for it himself, it really sucks that he didn't even do something at home for you as little as make you dinner and make you feel special. He can be pissed and be a sook all his wants it isn't going to change anything xx

  • The reason why he is upset is because you canceled the concert in retaliation to his actions.
    I really think it's fair.
    Why would you spend a lot of money on him when he couldn't even show you at least a small card of appreciation?
    I think this may open his eyes to things.

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