Would you say your a complicated person to please?

Would you say your a difficult person to please? When I say complicated I mean I want you imagine how you act with you significant other. Do you act pouty and complain a lot about bullshit and the little things? Do you compliment your partner in their looks or have you gotten so comfortable that their looks go unnoticed now? Do you expect your partner to do everything from cleaning the house to initiating sex? Speaking of initiating sex, do you stay ready for sex or does your partner only get it whenever your ready? There's many more things to say that complicate a relationship, not paying attention to your partners stories and ventures , not wanting to watching the stupid things your partner wants to or ignoring them. personally I think I can handle all this shit from a girl but one thing that has always pushed me over the edge is lying to me and cheating. My poker face is nonexistent when it comes to those things... I've tried to be like my boys and be nonchalant about it but a woman can always perceive my attitude. Weather I'm texting or talking on the phone or even in person... My voice changes, my word play becomes violent and vicious, even my text messages go from 20 words per sentence, to like or two words lol.. I need to practice my poker face, 😌 anyway! Are you a complicated person or an easy person to deal with in relationships?

  • I must admit I'm somewhat difficult
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  • I'm happy to please my partner and do all the things they ask of me
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  • I enjoy more the small things such as hugs, cuddles, joking around, being dumb with friends/SO, etc. rather than some expensive sh*t. So I guess I'm easy to please.


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