Did this guy friend have a thing for me? And I messed it up?

So there's this guy who I've always had a thing for. I've known him for about 3 years. a few months back I guess I must have confused him at bit giving him
mixed signs. But he was always trying to strike up conversations with me daily it wasn't everyday. I did noticed if he knew of something we both liked he usually sent me it over snap chat or Facebook. He'd always try including me into his day to day life. If he was working he'd sent me stuff throughout the day. He never would mention liking any other girl or asking me or asking me if I thought someone would look good with him. It always made it about us. Asking if i wanted to date someone which I didn't know at the time if I wanted to. I really regret not saying the things I wanted to say to him. Just yesterday he actually resurfaced which he hasn't liked anything of my post lately but he did like a few of them yesterday on Facebook. I haven't talked to him since November. I just wonder if he's doing all these little things he use to do again because he wants me to think about him again? I don't know. He starting to do all the little things he use to do. I feel like he still likes me. Even though he has a girlfriend. But they really don't see each other a lot. Which is why I wonder could he still possibly wonder if he could have something with me in the future not now but then maybe. I still feel like he hasn't totally forgotten about me. It's to hard for me to just forget about him because we're friends. I still always wonder in the back of my mind could he still possibly like me the same as he did 3 months ago. He was really interested. I didn't know what I wanted at the time.


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  • "Did this guy friend have a thing for me? It certainly seems like it.

    And I messed it up? Not necessarily. If you weren't sure whether you wanted to date someone at that point, then, you simply weren't sure. The fact that he currently has a a girlfriend doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't want another crack at dating you.

    • I still feel like there's a chance he will come back after he's done with her and there's a big age differences between them she's 18 and he's 21 I don't think it will last that much longer. He seems to never post as much as she does about them mostly never posts anything about them dating.

    • Just from what I observate he doesn't seem to into her anymore, most people when they're with someone the show alotta interest I never seen them in person with each other but I can kind tell because with his ex he was always posting happy 2 month babe kind things posting pictures of her and him. He doesn't do that with this one to much.

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