Dated & slept with my boss, things were going great, but now he's saying the timing isn't right?

So for the last few months, I've been dating and hooking up with my boss. We both started this fling with the assumption that he was moving to his new job soon. It was supposed to happen in December, and then it was supposed to happen this month... but the date just keeps getting pushed back (the business hasn't opened yet). So now it's totally up in the air and he has no idea when he's leaving.

He started getting distant when school started back up for both of us (I'm 25, he's 30). He stopped being as secretly flirtatious at work, and things just seemed weird. I finally called him out on it and we had a long talk. Basically he said that in order to not make things awkward for us, we need to cool it off until he officially moves to the new job. However... I did offer him an easy out. I straight up asked him if he wanted to end it for good, or if he wanted to pick it up again when we're not working together anymore. He said he's interested in revisiting our situation again when we're not working together.

As for now though, he has no idea when he's moving to the new job. I guess I understand where he's coming from, but at the same time, I just feel slighted. And now I'm worried that this is him being uninterested and ending it without actually ending it, you know?

He did say multiple times that he can barely keep his sh*t together right now as it is, between managing and trying to prepare the other place to open, and school. And I've noticed he's been extremely tired and worn down at work.

I don't intend to wait around per se, and I'm still open to dating if I feel a connection with someone else. But I also don't want to leave this situation unexplored with him - our chemistry was dynamite and we had fun just spending time together or going out. He was full on with me... until all of this happened. I just want you guys' opinion - do you think he really does want to continue this when the timing is right?


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  • Well all you have to do is think about you realistically, the time will come when it comes and if when he decides it's appropriate to pick up where you left off and you're in another fling and happy, then his loss really. He may very well just want to focus on him at the moment

  • I think u should stop dating with him

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