Do I give up? Or do I stay despite all the warnings?

Now, my girlfriend's dad found out about us. He has asked me to leave his daughter and concentrate on making my career. What do I do? Let me take you down my memory lane- This girlfriend and I, we've been together for almost 1 month now. But thats not it. We had dated for about 3 years earlier. Then we broke up. She kinda like kissed two of my friends... and double dated me once. And according to her, at that time, her dad found out about our relo and she had to do all this so that I would start hating her so that the break up would come as a natural. Then we got our stuff sorted out a month back and we started dating again. Guess what? Her dad came along and started giving me warnings so as to keep me away from his daughter. He says that I should concentrate on making a career and that what his daughter and I have is just attraction. It's 'stupid' and that 'it happens in our age'. So he has warned me that if I don't leave his daughter alone, he'd tell my parents about everything that has happened. Coming back to the question- Do you think that it's worth it to stick by the relationship and make it work no matter what? Or should I just quit altogether? I don't know. Was I even right to date her again? The first time ended up a disaster... Need some advice over here!

Now if you find anything dumb about this, please shut your trap. I know I am dumb. Thank you. Also, my girlfriend and I are currently 17.


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  • It sounds like a Full Circle problem Pattern here, dear, that could End Up, Yes... A Disaster with his Daughter.
    This could be Mother Nature Giving you her own Real 'Warnings' that perhaps it is Best to take daddy Dearest's Advice, Stay Clear, dear and Just.. Be smart this time.
    You don't want to start your young Life off with Strife when you Have a Future to look forward to and plenty more fish in the sea than One that probably isn't a good catch.
    Good luck and No, Not dumb at all. xx


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  • You are very young and although there is a sliver of a chance this "relationship" could work out it is very very small. Love is more than an emotion. Love is not a feeling, love is what all feelings derive from. If this girl loved you she would not have cheated on you. Love doesn't do wrong to you, love does not hurt you. That doesn't mean you can't get hurt in the process of love, but a person who loves you and is valuable will not put you in pain. Her dad is being a parent. I think he's right in that the two of you do not need a relationship. You need to focus on developing yourself as a human being, nothing more and nothing less. You are not yet a complete person and it doesn't matter how strong your 'feelings' are it can never be love. The two of you cannot handle a mature relationship and should merely be friends. If that is too much temptation then you don't need to be friends at all and move on without each other.


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