Do you believe in soulmates?

i'm only 16 , but i'm pretty sure this guy is my soulmate , we complete each other , we can't stop smiling when we have eye contact , we always feel each other presence , i dream about him twice a week , we see life and future with the same POV , it's like i know him since a while and finally i feel like home and appeased when i'm with him .(i heard that most of pp found their soulmates at 16 too )


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  • Ahhh, young love. I don't mean to offend you or your relationship but being your soulmate means a lot more than daydreaming. Consider chopping off your own right arm for him. You willing to do it right now? If yes, then you might be heading into the right direction.

    • ahah i konw how it looks like , but i don't think it's just a young love i would do anything for him. sadnely i had to grow up really fast so i had to be mature at an early age i look objectively at all situations and i'm pretty sure he is.(plus , i love him sice my 13 years old and my feeling get stronger with the years )

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  • No because we dont have souls


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