I feel weird texting her

I haven't contacted or seen this girl in more than half a year. We've one on a couple dates, but she didn't seem too into it, as she began to come up with excuses to not get together. She never told me outright that she wasn't interested; on the contrary, even after she made excuses, she continued her playful banter with me. But anyway, it hurt, so I decided to just let it go and I focused on other things.

Now out of the blue I wondered about texting her again. I don't know if I should--it might reopen wounds and there probably is no point anyway. Is this just some kind of self-destructive behavior I should avoid? I have a feeling that if I text her, my mind will continually be on her once again.

Add that to the fact that she hasn't bothered to text me once all this time.


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  • it sounds like she enjoyed your attention more than anything. I'm sure there was a part of her that may have been attracted to you/interested in you (at least as some point) as well, hence the flirtation, but that could just be her personality as well. girls are weird, sometimes a guy can be a great catch and fun to be around but we just don't (or at least we think we don't) "feel it".

    don't text her. because it sounds to me like she never had the intention of being with you or dating you and it is unlikely that it will change. I'm sure she wouldn't mind being your friend, but it seems that would be too difficult for you.

    i'm sorry that she led you on. did you feel a strong connection with this girl? or was it mostly physical? also, there must be a good reason she hasn't seen you in so long. if you live in different towns, maybe it wouldn't logical to try and communicate anyways. you should think about those things before you allow yourself to get caught up on her again. good luck.

    • It was weird---I'm debating the connection myself. On one hand, she was beautiful and I am scared that's my primary motivation because, I'll face it, I was pretty lonely when I met her...and then I was and still am lonely again now that she left. I'm bummed because I hadn't talked to someone so much or texted with someone so often in so long and now it's all gone and it's back to how it was before.

    • In other words..... I'm sure I felt a lot closer to her than she did to me because, well, I don't have many friends and she, on the other hand, was a socialite.

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