Why doesn't he ever mention kissing me? Is he scared to?

In my opinion, kissing is the perfect way to bond with a person.

This may sound daft since the person I'm talking about here is actually my ex boyfriend... but recently we have been talking again. Baby steps have led to better conversations and a little more emotional openness from him. It has also led to a lot of flirting.

Now, he'll flirt with me quite the thing. He still finds me attractive and all. But he never mentions kissing. Ever. He used to love a kiss as well.

I was particularly surprised when he dropped by to say hi after his work a few nights ago. It was late at night too. I ended up going outside to say hello and he ended up going in for a hug.

It wasn't just a friendly hug. It was a groin to groin full body hug with his arms around the low of my back. My face was nuzzled into his neck and this went on for a good few minutes. He dropped his hands to my bottom (with permission) and I dropped mine to his.

Mid hug, I moved my head to the other side of his. I made eye contact with him smiling and he said 'don't' with a soft smile/laugh. I'm assuming he meant not to kiss him. Not that I was going to do that? A hug was enough. But yeah, I guess I'm confused here.

By the way, we have never had sex before!

  • He's probably scared to develop deep feelings for you
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  • He's not yet sure of whether you guys could work out again
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  • He just doesn't want to kiss you
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  • He misses the close contact, but is not ready to go back to where you two were before.


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  • You seem to be obsessed with your ex. What do you want from him?

    • I'm not obsessed, I'm just determined to set things right.

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    • When people get a "radar lock" on a task, it is sometimes a red flag that something else is going in other than the purported task/reason/justification. You don't owe me any explanation; I am just repeating the wise advice of Polonius: "This above all: to thine own self be true."

    • I don't follow what you're saying there about a radar lock? :S

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