Should you really feel comfortable telling the person your dating all your crazy party stories from college?

I was a dbag in college and regret it but my friends and I matured and all are in relationships and settled down since graduation. Their are some things noone should know I did. She was a virgin through college and didn't drink much and they are really not too bad but my stories include many hookups, talking sh*t to policeman, getting my friends out of fights, etc. I was wild and I've changed and am more professional now and I don't know ifnsje should that side of me.


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  • I wouldn't even bother telling her. I don't see any good coming out of it.

    • Well it was a conversation we had when we joked about graduating HS together and not ever talking until after we graduated from college and we got on the subject of how was for us and I laughed and said I wasn't the best college person in college and she wanted me to say a few stories.

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  • Are you nuts? You should tell women absolutely nothing