I feel trapped in a friendzone situation that is making me unhappy and I can't see a way out.. any suggestions?

I have a crush on a uni friend we became very good friends a year ago, we got out a few times althrough it was not officially dates, at that time she had just broke with her ex, because he cheated on her with his new girlfriend, so things seemed great people at our uni started making jokes about us dating and even random people started to notice i had a crush on her because i treated her very well was always there for her and stuff, (i was stupid back then.. still am?) and since im very shy i wanted to make sure she felt the same and no pressure before making a move.

So her ex and his new girlfriend start studying at our uni i thought she was past him and even if they met it would end up in a fight or something but no, she started becoming more and more interested in his ex and his new girlfriend which in turn eventually got jealous and broke up with him.

It started to piss me off that she seemed so obsessed with her ex i avoided her for a while and tried to end our friendship but i couldnt because the projects we had together.

Today uni started again i met her and a few friends, then when it was time to go home she offered me a ride, then her ex appears when we where going out and then she ask me to wait a little and she's gone to chat with him i suddenly felt "invisible" and like i was not supposed to be there at that point i wanted to just take the bus instead of watching the whole chat they had, but the bus was already gone, he approached me when they they stopped chatting and offered to shake his hand, you can just imagine how awkward and unpleasant the whole situation felt for me, i stayed silent the whole ride with her and only said thanks.

Her "friendship" now is a poison that is getting me angry, frustrated, jealous and unhappy. I can't end our friendship out the blue like i want because the study group and projects we have this feels so fkd up with no way out :( what i do?

There was a lot more than that in this story but because of the text limit i had to make a very shortened version, and sorry for any possible English mistakes its not my primary language.


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  • Find somone else to fixate on.

    Also, i wouldn't call that the friend zone