Should I ask my crush out?

I know you guys probably get these kinds of questions around here a lot, but I just need to know your opinions. There's this cute girl in my class that i've had a crush on for a couple of months now. I feel like she's giving me signals that she feels the same way as I do, which actually 'triggered' this crush I have on her, but i'm just not sure. She used to talk to me a lot more, she even smiled at me a couple of times, but now she's acting a bit different. I came to the conclusion that she was, in fact, interested in me, but when she realized I don't show much interest she gave up on me. That's the root of my problem, when i'm around her I treat her like I would anyone else, when in reality she is the only thing I think about. However, I still see her looking at me in a special kind of way every now and then. Just a couple of days ago, we were sitting at the opposite sides of the classroom and our eyes met. We stared at each other for about 3 seconds then I looked away. I could see in her eyes that she did not intend to be the first one to look away. I often see her flip her hair then look in my direction. I've told all my best friends, including my previous crush turned friend about her and all of them tell me that I should tell her how I feel about her. The problem is either my insecurity or my lack of courage. Since Valentine's Day is coming in fast, I was thinking maybe I should ask her out, but since we're both only fifteen i'm not sure if she'd want to do that. What do you guys think? Should I ask her out or at least tell her how I feel? I would appreciate your opinions. Sincerely, Gimnazijalac17

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  • I don't understand how you people can think about asking someone out when you NEVER EVEN TALK TO THEM.

    I understand that you HAVE talked to her before, but you need to talk to her more, and more, and then ask her out at some good time in the conversation. You also need to get more "signs" from how she acts when you talk to her.

    • Unfortunately, that isn't such an easy task for me. I forgot to mention that I stutter, and she knows that very well, since she hears me speak every day. That's actually the only thing blocking me from speaking to her, but it shouldn't be that big of an obstacle if she doesn't mind it. I should just casually ask her something related to school and get in the flow of the conversation, it shouldn't be that hard. Thanks for the opinion, I appreciate it.

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    • It is an actual condition. It shouldn't, however, cause me to postpone or avoid anything because of the fear that it will occur. I just gotta pull myself together, relax and start talking to her.

    • Then do that...

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  • You never know until you ask.
    Tip: Ask her casually, don't make a scene.

  • "Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams!"


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