How do I get to know this girl?

Hi there. I'm 17 and I like a girl who's in in my history class. The problem is that the class is only forty minutes each day and I go to an all-boys school where students from the respective schools go from one to the other for a few classes. I've spoken to her a couple of times but I was kind of nervous and didn't say much. Another issue is that I live in a rural area and my only form of transportation is getting my parents to drive me around. I've never kissed a girl and I'm fairly introverted around girls. She's fairly shy herself but she's so adorable and genuine! Sorry if I come across as creepy but I'm not. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any help!


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  • i think firstly u need to have enough amount of self-confidence. then things will flow naturally and u will get ur first kiss