What's wrong with me?

I go to a small private school and I have yet to date someone since elementary! Most of my friends have already dated at least one person. I haven't even kissed a guy more than 3 times and (wasn't dating the guys I kissed just having fun) honestly I don't think I'm ugly and I weigh 115 I and I play several sports so I am really athketic. No guys show interest in me and I don't know why. Is it just that I go to a small school or something else?


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  • If it isn't your face or your body it isbyou attitude

  • Just try wnd socialise with the boys

    • I do but they all have girlfriend now

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    • If u ask you are able to know what to do so he isn't annoyed with you anymore

    • I don't know I don't feel like I know him well enough to be so open. I just want to get over him but I can't something about him draws me in and makes me crazy. All u do is worry about what to say around him and when he talks to me good or bad I can't stop smiling

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