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I really like this girl, we both connected pretty well. We usually have a lot to talk about which is one of the main reasons why I am interested in her. But recently the things she's been talking about kind of it turn it all around. She says she is interested in me, that she likes me, and wants me to come over to her dorm and I gladly agree, but then it just seems like she is pushing it off. I insist on us hanging out and she says she's busy (which I understand, I am busy too), and that she will try and make time for us, yet never mentions anything about it afterwards. She also has been talking about how she smokes weed a lot and goes out drinking often which sometimes results in her kissing random guys at the bar (she has a fake ID, we're both in college). I'm stumped. I've been sending fewer texts to hopefully give her a hint that something is wrong so that maybe we can talk about it but I don't think she got that. Should I just tell her that we're two completely different people and I don't see a future in somebody who gets drunk as f*** and kisses random guys or should I wait it out a bit longer?


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  • be patient. she may change over time because of u. but don't expect too much