Found out my EX made a POF profile but he contacted me a month after our breakup?

Me and my ex broke up a month and a half ago and Saturday he contacted me asking if we could go on a road trip. He said he wanted to have a day where we weren't fighting and just chill out. I couldn't go but we ended up hanging out Sunday and I spent the night (no sex) like old times.

Today my friend sent me a screen shot of his POF account.

He had a whole profile and pictures! He wrote that he's in a new space right now and he wanted to have a long term relationship. Him not wanting a relationship was the reason we broke up. I don't know when he made this profile but it had to have been pretty recent.

Maybe I'm crazy but if you're talking to an EX why would you make a profile? Why start talking to me again? Why not just move on to someone you haven't hurt for over a year? He knows that I want a real relationship and he never wanted to give it to me.


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  • I hope you're no longer interested in getting back with him..


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  • Then why are you still wasting your time , hanging out with him? Its time he got serious if he really wants to be with you... ie.. if you want to give him another chance.

    • If he wanted to try and work on a relationship then, yes I would give him another chance. What I'm saying is, why make a profile if you're still trying to hang out with me?

    • Oh, I have no idea neither. Maybe he is tryna keep his options open