Is there a way this could work?

I'm a guy, I'm 16 and just to set the tone now I've never had a girlfriend as I've been rejected twice. I kinda like my best friend's sister who's my age (my best friend is 18). And I'd honestly say that with how she acts around me and treats me, touching, teasing etc I'd say there's a 57 percent chance she likes me too but dating my best friend's sister could hurt our friendship cause if or probably when we brake up I'm stuck seeing her all the time when I go to their house, if she says no it'll hurt my friendship with her as well. Is there some way I could make this work without hurting my friendship?


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  • There is a 100% chance that trying to get with her will be a bad idea.. Perhaps she has a single friend she could set you up with..

    • I highly doubt it but thanks for the feedback

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