Girls, Girls under 24, would you date a prematurely bald guy, provided he shaved his head?

My hairs always been crappy and when it thinned at 19 I shaved it bald, now I'm not dark sinned I'm very white, I'm not muscular I'm slender but by some miracle I pulled it off.

people regularly tell me I rock no hair but there's still a serious stigma against bald it seems, now I got high standards too on girls looks so no looks don't matter nonsense please, if you disagree move on as we won't change each other's minds,

anyway assume the guy is your age and shaves what's left, there is a light shadow beneath the skin showing where the hair was lost no matter what so factor that in as well I guess. Brutal honesty is key.

  • Yes I would. A guy can still be very physically attractive without hair
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  • No I wouldn't, to me a guy being bald is a large turn off that I couldn't overlook
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  • Girls older than 26 please vote here (just want peers opinion for the other, as id prefer not to have to wait 6 years to date)
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  • Yeah, I don't see why not