Are these signs or just a coincidence? Could he take me back, and how do I get him to miss me?

-I'm 16, I've known my (now ex) boyfriend since we were kids
-he's a year younger than me grade wise, but also 16
-I had a crush on him in the 5th grade
-thought he was cute in middle school
-we dated for 3 months as of tomorrow
-he broke up with me claiming that we're "too different" but I know it's not that based on Intel from others
-I described what my dream person would be back in August (before we started talking) and now that I think about it from the looks down to the personality it's him.
-today as I was eating lunch I'd occasionally find him looking at me
-when my friend asked me about us he immediately snapped his head up, same as when she asked if I would ask him to our Sadie Hawkins Dance
-My guy friend came to give me a hug, and my ex seemed to look jealous
-he's been avoiding me
-up until today, he said hi to me but looked rather nervous and dare I say it sad
also the day before we broke up he said he wasn't going anywhere


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  • He'll miss you on his own.

    Those could be signs, but there isn't a way to tell until in the future

    And yeah he may take ya back.


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