If marriage is just a meaningless piece of paper than why do people get married? Ladies do you plan on getting married?

I think majority of the guys who say marriage is just a piece of paper are commitment-phobes looking for excuses and not ready to man up and put a diamond ring on it. I made it very to my boyfriend that I am not going to become a baby momma. I want to be his wife before becoming the mother of our children.


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  • It brings security to a relationship.
    I will probably get married. My boyfriend wants to and as he says, it's the one time we can bring all of our loved ones together for a big party. The thing I like about it is taking his last name and wearing a ring. Though, I could live perfectly well without the all thing.
    Though, I highly doubt we'll get married before having children. Well... I'm not really waiting. If my boyfriend proposes, I know I'll say yes but he can tell all the time he want to do it.


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  • Yep because it completes half of my religion. I am also not into premarital relationships, so marriage is not something of less value for me.

    It is something very special.