Is breaking up sex a good or bad idea?

There's no such thing as a clean break. You might break up but continue to date each other (with or without benefit)

one day one of you might suggest you to date others hoping to move on guilt free.

When the real break is coming will you have break up sex for one last time?

  • It will make you guys get back together
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  • It will really make a clean break afterwards as you will delete each other in your life
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  • You will turn into friends with benefits from that point
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  • Have break up sex then tell him / her this is a real break so they dunno what hit them, then go no contact. They wouldn't know what to do and be more hung up on you
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Most Helpful Guy

  • i think if it's a natural occurrence then fine but otherwise i don't think it's really all that smart. it definitely can falsely sway your feelings

    • Yea better to give them something to "wish they could have done" then something they can remember. Cos it will be forgotten anyway

Most Helpful Girl

  • "C" for Concern Here, dear.
    It Might Not End all Contact but Instead give Him the Upper hand where you Really Stand That... Once you and He get a little More Taste of Temptation, there will Probably Be More in Store that Can't Be Resisted.
    Think Twice about Being Nice.
    Good luck. xx

    • You're right as it realese different chemicals in male and female body. Makes female attach and male detach. Dry hump is better 😂

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    • hey Paris.. would you please take a look at this question? thanks!

    • Hi, sweetie, how are you?
      Sure, look and leap into another fun one! lolxxoo

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What Guys Said 5

  • I don't know what you are talking about.

    I disagree with you from the first sentence.
    Every breakup I've ever had was a clean break.

    That even goes for my first marriage which ended in a divorce with a custody dispute.
    We were already separated by the time I served her with divorce papers. I have not been alone with her or even so much as touched her since then.

    I've never gotten back together with someone I broke up with. Not even once. A break up is always a one way thing for me.

    For the record, I have custody of my son.

    • Good that you have custody of your son.

      I was meant to say there's no such hong as clean break oops. Anyway the person who broke with me never stop contacting me and volunteer to pick me up from airport, when I need some stuff urgently he order with express post without even telling me. We talked about it and he thinks we are dating again (no sex), he told me he never stopped wanting to be with me and purchased a self help book for commitment phobia.

      Now after a bit over one chapter he thinks he is not ready and doesn't have phobia. And he told me to be open to guys who are ready for commitment. I asked if that's because he is dating someone else? He said not now but he will be open if someone comes along and he will be up front about only open for a few dates.

      In the past he said he neve date more than one person at a time. Now what he suggested contradicts with "never stopped wanting to be with me" line

  • I think it would only send mixed signals. If we're breaking up why exactly are we having sex?

    • never done it before, just curious about other's view on it

  • Sex is never a bad idea.

  • It's extremely manipulative and deceitful.

  • Yeah gives him something good to remember


What Girls Said 1

  • I think it sends mixed signals and it's silly

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