Should I just move on?

There's a guy I met on Tinder and he started talking to me. I already knew who he was in person, but didn't know him personally. Anyways, he gave me his number and offered to help me with one of my classes, he even wanted to meet up but cancelled at the last minute. He tried to reschedule but at that point we couldn't.. So I thought he was interested... I text him twice asking for help and he helped. But, he never initiates any conversation with me. Plus, he never says anything to keep it going. I know he's busy, but I thought since he gave me his number and initiated the first conversation that he'd be slightly interested. Is he not? Should I just forget about him?


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  • Personally , if someone never initiated contact with me i would assume i was never on their mind , and they felt indifferent about keeping in contact with me. No matter how much i liked the person i would stop initiating contact , because i would feel a fool, and as if i was pestering him

    If someone genuinely likes you , then they will make an obvious effort to be part of you life.


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  • Yeah you should


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