Is fighting good?

I know always fighting isn't good but everyone says fighting is how you know it works. Call me stupid but I'm worried coz my boyfriend and i never fight. We never had a fight before, except once but that's bcoz i was jealous is this bad for us?


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  • me and my wife rearly fight over anything, it has been like that for since i met her over 20 years ago.
    in some types of relationships theirs a lot of drama. well others are more laid back with less drama. what works for you will not work for others. just be glad you found that one person you are in tune with and there isn't a reason to always fight.

    • Fist fights or verbal?

    • i have and would never would hit a female. the wife and i are so much alike that we just know what the others wants or need are. so we dont argue. but everyone has there own strengths and weaknesses. she is better at some things than i am at , in thoughts times she leads, the times im better at something i lead. all other times we walk side by side in life happy to be together with out the drama we both grew up with as kids

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  • I don't think that's a bad thing. I've been with my boyfriend over 3 years now and we've never fought.


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