How do I get rid of an inferiority complex?

This state of feeling inferior has ruined my life as far a dating women. As a black male with a girl name that grew up in a white neighborhood and who also happened to be terrible at sports, I was highly ridiculed. This has lead me into the unsatisfying life i have today.


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  • I know the feeling kiddo. Trust me, I can relate to this to a CRAZY degree. I won't even tell you my last name but it's pretty ruthless, pair that with the fact that I used to be pretty overweight and you got a winning combination.

    You probably won't like this answer but it's the truth. You're gonna have to learn to dig deep, really fucking deep. In my case, I used to get ridiculed as well, even beat up a few times, always told by other people I would never lose weight or accomplish jack shit.

    At the end of the day, I had two choices. Either become the worthless piece of shit people said I would become, or become vastly more successful and physically superior than every single person who said I would never accomplish anything. Naturally, I chose the latter, instead of the former.

    I don't want to make it sound easy, in fact it took 12 years of blood sweat and tears in both a professional and physical setting to be where I am today, but let me summarize this by telling you, nothing, NOTHING... is more sweeter than success. Especially when you run into the same people years later and they find out that they, not you, have become the piece of shit.

    Dig deep my friend, as I said, you have two choices. It's up to you to pick the right one.

  • Well think about what you're good at and enhance it. Think about yourself