So confused... Guy giving mixed signals?

I've asked this once, but it didn't get any answers so:
Im a HS senior and I've known this guy a little over 6 months. We are on the same sports team as well as in several classes together. He's been teasing me for a few months now over literally everything I do and throwing miscellaneous objects at me in Class. We do volunteer projects together as well as hang out on the weekends in group settings in which often times he initiates. I (possibly stupidly) bring friends along or even my sister to diffuse the situation because I tend to be a socially awkward person. I can't tell if he's interested in because he doesn't make an effort to continue a convo or text message. He just sends me random snaps. I believe I am part of the problem because I unintentionally make it seem as if I'm totally uninterested because I try to avoid awkward situations as much as humanly possible which means I do little to no conscious flirting. Could it be he is interested but is put off by my stand-offishness or just sees me as a friend?


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  • Try being not so stand offish. Then compare what happened. it could be just you


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