Have YOU ever met someone with so many "No" factors, but you found yourself falling for them anyway?

This guy is so much that I dont want, yet I still want him...

I dont like that he
- smokes cigarettes
- curses like a sailor
- has anger management probs
- aged 2 years younger than me
- in the military (dont get me wrong, you still have my support)

but through all that, he has so many pros that possibly outweighs the cons

Any of you go/going through the same?



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  • I go through that same thing... I love this guy for his personality, his expressions and all the stuff we have in common are great. But then... He is addicted to weed (I hate drugs and would never want to use any) He doesn't care about himself (I know I can't understand anyone who doesn't appreciate their own life) We get anyways too well along, everything just clicks... and I feel like this is crazy... Why is life playing these games with me? :D


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  • That usually means its true love ;-) You hate everything about them but still love them at the same time :)

  • OH YES
    been there done that have the T-shirt
    and willing to share my time wasted and what to do...

    Have seen plenty of opposites attract and sometimes can be a blessing but also risk being a disaster = your case, according to your brief
    SO instead of being ship wrecked upon the rocks you list so clearly with the need of a lighthouse, consider this -

    He attracts other opposites besides you
    e. g. family & friends
    so if you can keep your hands off him but stick around to make friends with his fam/friends, it's very likely you'll find The One that's not going to be a ship wreck like this one.

    The best of both worlds and a safer voyage.

    • Lol did you BASICALLY just tell me to go for his brother/cousin instead?

    • WOW that was big leap off a bridge that I built trying to get you networked into something better than THOSE options.
      Put another way, someday you'll be dating a frat boy (pretend w/me) or corporate guy but not really into him but later find in his network another guy best suited for each other.

    • Ohhhh haha sorry for getting confused, but thanks lol

  • I did one time

    Got burned

    Her car broke down, my dad fixed it she never paid us back and cheated on me

  • Lol no point in having these no's.. Alpha men will still attract them bitchez no matter what u say.


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  • umm maybe... when i was 15! But knowing myself today I wouldn't talk to a guy with so many if factors!

  • Umm not that severe

    - his views on raising kids slightly differs from mine
    - he likes to stay out till midnight
    -last one is personal.

    But here is something...

    You want to be with him becauae you think eventually he will change.

    Or you think eventually you will be cool with it

    If the differences are big, it will catch up sooner or later.

    • Yea I used to think I could change a guy, but I know I probably couldnt change this guy. So now im on the stage where I think I'd eventually be cool with it :)