How do I know if this guy likes me?

I know I asked a similar questions yesterday. So this guy at my school, I think I can see that he likes me like I can just tell like a feeling, you know? But I want him to initiate a relationship but I don't know how, I mean I think I like him. He's the only guy around me who has actually taken an interest in me. Please I need guidance I am so bad at relationships >.<


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  • Tell me why you assume he likes you? What does he do?

    • I notice that he stares at me quite often in class when I'm not looking and when I look up at him, he turns away really fast. Before this guy would never talk to me, I didn't exist but he would always hear me joke around and he would comment on my jokes. And I don't know why but every time I see him he just gives me this look that I can't describe kinda like he's looking at something that interests him

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    • I just get so nervous x3 Like I don't get why I can't talk to guys XD thanks for the help!!! <3

    • Haha np. You will get better with experience : D

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  • Do you guys talk? If not, then how is he supposed to initiate a relationship with you?
    Start talking to him by introducing yourself to him.

    • Yes we do talk, when he walks into the room he looks for me and heads straight to me and we talk