Guy shying away... options, advise?

He has told me he loved me several times a couple weeks ago. We go out once a week and everything was good. We used to talk on phone every single night, now it's been a week and he barely texts or replies to texts, he seems fine when he actually replies. He seems to be slipping away, nothing bad has happened i. e. arguments. Any advise?

  • Ignore his texts, play hard to get
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  • Has anything changed in his life, work/stress related? they can make it seem that way, when in reality his mind was somewhere else. If you always have to test/call first... I'd stop and see what happens. If he doesn't reach out, I think you'd be better off finding someone else.

    • He has been a little stressed about money... I don't know what he said to his friend, who is a woman, but she told him he is moving too fast and to slow down. I don't think seeing each other only on Saturdays is moving too fast for 3 months?

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    • Lives to far away or I actually would..

    • At least that a positive.. her being far away... would be worse if she live next door.

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