Should I ask her out?

She said that she looks better then all of my ex girlfriends and she has never seen them and I dont have them on none my social media. I asked her for her snapchat and she gave it to me. She was recording me while I was talking to this guy for a reason I dont know of. she's always using her pen to mark my paper like she's trying to catch my attention or something. She asked me to carry her down the stairs. Some other guy was like "I will carry you". But she said no to him. Her friend thinks that I like her and said "Omg you love her Im gonna talk to her for you!!". Sometimes I catch her looking at me and sometimes smile and I say "What are you looking at". Sometime she responds and sometimes she dosent. And couple of weeks a go I skipped math class for a whole week she said "I swear if you dont come to math class im going to slap you". And she's always hitting me and punching my arm.


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