So I am new to the whole dating/relationship scene. Not sure what to think here need some opinions. What is she doing?

Short history about myself ( Girlfriends in life:0 Dates total: 1)

Long story short, I liked this girl who works at the same place as I do. I wanted to ask her out when I left there to return to school. She gave me a smile and looked like she wanted to talk 8 months from when I planned to quit. We talked she seemed interested all was good. Unfortunately for me I have no idea what I am supposed to do and just asked her questions about herself. I also tried my best to keep conversation going and when it got stale I ended and left. I kinda thought maybe she was just being friendly but I saw her on a dating site a while later. She visted my page and I visited hers. Now knowing she was single I decided to ask her out in person. When I did it she said she was seeing someone quite immeadiately after I asked almost like she cut me off. Alright fine no problem. She also closed her account on the site that day.

Here is the problem. After saying she was seeing someone ( this is like 2 weeks later ) she has now been looking at me a few times from a distance. No smile or anything not trying to make conversation. After had caught her looking a couple times, she then started to make eyecontanct in closer range. Still no smile or anything. I really do like this girl still. I just want to know what she is doing. Why look at me if your not interested. I am trying to avoid conversation because I want to make my intentions clear I dont want to be just her friend. I still do make eyecontanct but I don't smile cause for me its awkward she knows I am interested and it makes me nervous. I am a little socially awkward too so thats probably another reason why I don't.

My questions for you people out there is simple. First, what is she doing? Second, I do like her and I would like to ask her again later sometime. Is it alright to do that?

Thought I would throw this in cause I seem to have written a novel lol.
TL;DR I ask girl out she says she is seeing someone but continues to look at me weeks later with blank expressions on her face. Makes eye contact. What is she doing?


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  • Dont have a clue what she's doing.

    She will likely say no, but i would tell her that the offer for a drink still stands.

    There is a chance you caught her flat footed, and she said no because it was unexpected.

    • Not getting my hopes up or anything but I did kind of pull it out of the blue. We had not really talked in a while being on different shifts and then we had a week off at the end of the year. In the new year I just asked cause I could not keep that bottled up for much longer. Thanks for your opinion.