Guys, would you like a girlfriend like this?

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  • Yes, I would put a ring on her finger.
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  • Meh... don't care.
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  • I would dump her. That is gross.
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  • Other, please explain.
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  • she has too poop what do you want her too do hold it in lol

    • Haha lol. You have missed the point of the question. I know everyone has to poop. The point is some people don't like others pooping as loudly as they possibly can. For example: some people would think the yelling out is not needed.

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    • yup someone will accept her like that

    • I would accept her like that. I don't get grossed out by girls doing that.

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  • That's pretty weird tbh but it would be fine if I knew her for a while. If she's overly masculine then there might be something that needs to be worked out. If you confront her about it and she has a problem with it... that's a warning sign but if she's just like no problem my bad then problem solved

  • "GET THE HELL OUT OF ME" "Holy shit that's a big one"
    All of my nope.

  • LOOOL... Thats funny but disgusting at the same time